Apple has brought new button for your iPhone


  • Apple has secretly introduced a brand new button for your iPhone.
  • With the trendy iOS 14, Apple not best rolled out software program updates however also rolled out a brand new hardware feature as properly.

Apple has added a new button to the iPhones but that could have long past unnoticed with the aid of maximum customers. With the state-of-the-art iOS 14, Apple not only rolled out software updates but also rolled out a brand new hardware characteristic as properly. Now, if you begin looking for a bodily button, you will now not find it due to the fact it’s far almost not possible. However, the whole again panel of the iPhone has now grow to be a touch-sensitive sector because of the brand new Back Tap function.

The new hardware feature that become rolled out by Apple with out plenty fanfare turns the returned panel of an iPhone right into a button that can be woken up via taps. However, to use the characteristic you will ought to first locate and turn on the Back Tap feature.

In your iPhone, visit settings first and then go to Accessibility after which Touch. Then if you scroll down, you will discover the Back Tap alternative which you may have to show on. When you tap on the Back Tap option, you’ll be taken to a separate screen wherein you will be getting options to pick from— Double Tap and Triple Tap. When you pick both of them, you will be given a listing of things you can do surely by way of tapping twice at the rear panel of your smartphone.

For instance, you pick out the Lock Screen choice and lock your display screen without a doubt with the aid of tapping twice at the back panel of your telephone. Similarly, you could take screenshots through tapping two times or three times on the lower back panel of your cellphone. The first-class bit is that there are no particular regions where you have to tap to prompt the characteristic. You can faucet anywhere on the entire lower back panel even on the acute corners to lock your screen or take a screenshot.

The Back Tap alternative also can be used to ensure apps feature. However, if you dont now not desire to use the function, you could turn it off the equal manner you became it on.

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