Tip: Android 11’s integrated screen recorder additionally works for voice calls

Android 11 is the first Android version to deliver with a built-in display recorder on Pixel telephones. The local solution has some tricks up its sleeve as compared to 0.33-birthday celebration alternatives. It’s able to record sound in some extra places, and you can use that to your advantage whilst you need to file a smartphone name (if name recording does not stay on your Phone app, this is). Google even advertises as lots in one in all its YouTube videos detailing Android eleven’s pinnacle functions.

The technique is as easy as you can consider. Pull down the notification color twice earlier than or all through a smartphone call to invoke the short movement tiles and look for the display screen recording shortcut (you might upload it through the pencil button first). Tap it to begin recording and select your microphone because of the audio source. A 3-2nd countdown will seem to your popularity bar et voilà, the recording is energetic, indicated by means of a red tablet on the pinnacle of your screen. When you are finished, simply pull down from the pinnacle of your display and forestall the recording via the recorder notification.


There are some boundaries. Since the recorder is utilizing your handset’s microphone in place of the call audio itself, you want to show at the speakerphone to hear the alternative party inside the recording — the microphone wishes as a way to seize what’s happening. That also means that you’ll document in a quiet, private location in case you do not need to annoy human beings around you. You’ll get a video report as the stop end result, so in case you handiest want the audio, you may first need to extract it thru a tool of your preference.

You have to suppose that you could as a substitute select microphone and inner audio within the recorder setup, but the inner sound recording is automatically blocked at some point of smartphone calls, so it does not make a difference.

In contrast to the Phone app’s incorporated call recorder (simplest available for a few), the other celebration won’t be warned that they may be being recorded. Keep that during thoughts, as telephone call recordings are at least partially unlawful in many states and nations, and you need to reveal the practice in some places. Check with your nearby government before you use the display recorder for this to avoid breaking the regulation.

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There are also some 1/3-party apps that promise comparable capability by using accessibility offerings, root, or a different manner of gaining access to the call audio, however, if you’re seeking out a friction-loose built-in answer, the display recorder is the manner to go.

Note that we handiest examined this approach on Google Pixel telephones running Android eleven. It’s viable that different handsets are also able to record telephone call audio via their pre-installed screen recorders, but your mileage may additionally range.

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